Bare Beach

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Rock Pooling on the Beach
Digging in Sand near Boating Lake
Dogs and Boy on beach
The beach and bay at sunset
Crab in Hand
Shells and shellfish
Digging on the beach
Dogs chasing a ball
Massive Oyster in Morecambe bay
Dogs on beach
Mermaids Purses

The beach at Bare is quite unique, sandy, rocky, shelly and with tidal pools.

Playing in The Sand

Bare beach has just about everything you need to keep kids, dogs and adults entertained.

The sand is ideal for digging and writing in, making sand castles and, after high tide, the retained water along the sea defenses drains in ribbands to dam and redirect.

If you take a plastic spade each you can play for quite a time digging holes and castles, moats and canals.

Rock Pools

The rock pools play host to a myriad of small sea creatures - small crabs, mussels, small fish and other shellfish such as winkles. Very rarely you can spot an anemone or jellyfish or sometimes seaweed and mermaid purses (egg capsules of lesser spotted dogfish). There is also driftwood and shells from further out in the bay.

For the most relaxing time on the beach, understand the tides, take wellies or old shoes and have warmer gear than normal as it is sometimes a little more breasy than inland.


You can stare for hours out over the water of mud flats, at the tide encroaching, swallowing mud banks and fishing traps, or on a fine day across to Grange-over-Sands and to the key Lakeland hills.

The view is ever changing and as relaxing and romantic a scene you could imagine.


Sea View
Friendly and accommodating
Family friendly
Children welcome
Suits pre-school
Suits primary
Free parking
Street parking

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