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Boating Lake Bare
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Boating Lake, Bare, Morecambe
Boating Lake Morecambe
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Definitely not just for model boats! It is the locals favorite place for crab fishing.

The boating lake is simply one of the best 'hidden' attractions on the Prom, because it is simply full of crabs in summer and autumn.

From mid-morning through to late afternoon on weekends and after school you'll find families pulling out all sizes of crab (up to hand size).

Brilliant fun for all because it is exciting and free, has ramped access, the tides refresh the water daily, the water is properly edged with a walkway and there are stone boulders surrounding the area to protect it. As the water is approximately 4 feet deep and there are no railings children need to be very closely supervised.

Crab Fishing

It is not unusual to bucket up to 30 or so small crabs on a good day simply with a string line and some bait.

The locals will use mussels when they can as the crabs definitely prefer them, but raw or cooked bacon will also bring success. You can sometimes collect a few mussels from the rock-pools on the adjacent beach and by breaking open the shell and tying string around the mussel you get the ideal line to fish with.

Some crabbers will also use a small bag of bait.

The Method

  • Everyone has their own method, and most work, but if you're after a hefty count then we would recommend a version of the following.
  • Use a freshly caught mussel in half it's shell
  • Cast you line close to the edge and let the bait sink to the floor
  • After a short time tug the line - you'll feel a crab perhaps
  • Slowly pull up the bait and the crab will often continue to eat
  • Place a fishing net under the bait and crab BEFORE it reaches the surface
  • If the crab is wise it will let go the bait just under the surface, to descend to the depths
  • Bingo! Into the net
  • Re-bait in necessary
  • Keep crabs in a large bucket of water in the shade
  • Let your kids tell everyone
  • Count your catch

Model Boating

There is no doubt the boating lake is great for model boats. You can power down the middle, ride choppy waters, scare the seagulls, crash and do all the exciting or relaxing things you like to do. Being a medium sized lake it is ideal for turns of all dimensions, figures of 8 and the like. When there are crabbers then it may be most polite to keep the the middle section as the lake is primarily used as a crabbing lake in summer and autumn.


Morecambe Bay is a thriving environment that enjoys many protections to conserve the natural heritage and ensure clean waters and beaches.

Boating Crabbing Lake
Opposite Grange Street
Summer and Autumn
All Year
Not High Tide


Sea View
Friendly and accommodating
Open year round
Single person friendly
Family friendly
Children welcome
Suits pre-school
Suits primary
Free parking
Street parking

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