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Heysham Head
Half Moon Bay, Heysham
Half Moon Bay, Free Parking, Heysham
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For walkers, families, sightseers and dog walkers the dramatic cliffs and rugged landscape is a must. Local parking near the cafe, and see the National Trust ruin.

Heysham head runs from St Patrick's (north) acroos the Barrows to the Viewpoint and gate (south). The headland is dramatic and forms the most prominent cliff on the Lancashire coast. This area is managed by the Morecambe Bay National Trust team.

Half Moon Bay is a lower, long sandy bay that follows on from the National Trust land.

The area is beautiful and dramatic. The mile or so of rugged landscape is ever popular with locals and visitors, dog walkers and sightseers:

  • An ancient chapel ruin - St Patrick's
  • Broad open heath land - walkers and dog walkers
  • A secluded bay with sandy beach - families
  • A broad sandy beach (Half Moon Bay)
  • Car park - 100 spaces and free
  • Viewpoints - across the Morecambe Bay to Lake District hills

On any given day the headland will have dog walkers exercising their dogs - usually off lead on the headland and on the beach.

The area about is kept clean and the council posts about clearing up mess and litter for water quality standards which in the area are (2016) "Good".

St Patrick's Chapel
National Trust
1-3 Main St
Open All Year
Dawn to Dusk
Generally 9/10am - 4:30pm


Sea View
Open year round
Single person friendly
Dietary requirements aware
Family friendly
Children welcome
Suits primary
Suits secondary
Free parking
Near car park
Excellent place to walk with dogs and kids. Amazing views and quiet areas if you wish. Kept very clean.
National Trust

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