Lakeland Wildlife Oasis

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Holding a snake
Woodcutter ants
Holding a snake
Wildlife Oasis

"A Little Zoo with Lots to Do!"

This really is the case, for ages young to old the wildlife oasis will have something to engage - be it big cats of small leafcutter ants.

For wet weather you'll enjoy the Butterfly Hall, Reptiles, Mini Mammals and Birds and Aquarium which are under cover, though outside.


Adults (£8.85), Child aged 3-15 (£5.95), Senior (£6.95), Family 2+2 (£24.95)


Standard entrance fee also gets you brilliant little talks and animal introductions and animal petting. Smallish groups of 30 or so lets everybody gets to see and touch if they wish.


  • Gecko, Tortoises and Skinks
  • Iguanas and Chameleon
  • Tegu, Pythons
  • Asian Water Dragon and Ocellated Lizards

You may get to safely stroke a snake, tortoise or other wonderful reptile under the supervision of a keeper.

Butterfly Hall

  • Butterflies (seasonal) and Leaf Cutter Ants
  • Stick Insects and Rainbow Land Crab
  • Bird Eating Spider, Tarantula and Scorpion
  • Sun Beetles and Assassin Bugs

The fascinating woodcutter ants are amazing and travel in lines along ropes to forage and return with the leafy, sail-like food.


  • Pacu and Barbs
  • Rainbowfish and Cichlids
  • Lungfish and Blind Cave Fish
  • Mudskippers

A room with aquatic wildlife of many types.


  • Unusual Frog species
  • Axolotls
  • Toad species
  • Newts

The Snow Leopard is a highlight is some respects, beautiful, though it seemed strange to see it in an enclosure.

Animal encounters

Animal encounters are an upgrade and include keeper about our meerkats, lemurs or emperor tamarins.


Lakeland Wildlife Oasis

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