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Lancaster Priory
Lancaster Priory
Lancaster Priory
Lancaster Priory

Lancaster Priory Church is the Medieval church that stands at the summit of Castle Hill. The grounds initially offer the visitor long views out over Morecambe Bay and a churchyard of historic tombstones and memorials. Internally the Grade 1 listed building status becomes evident. Oak choir stalls date from 1340, ca arved pulpit from 1619, and a multitude of chandeliers, flagons, cups, chalices and crosses are testament to the buildings heritage and tradition.


The Benedictine Priory

From around the 2nd Century is the first interpreted evidence of Christian worship. The history of the site builds over centuries until a Benedictine Priory dated by charter (1094) is recorded.

Priory and Parish Church

Over the subsequent 400 years the building and surrounds are developed.

In the age of the Industrial revolution the building and facilities undergo significant renovation and development including additions of a porch, replacement roof, organ and stained glass.

During the 20th Century a new chapel was built, there was a programme of restoration and refurbishment and a Royal visit.

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