Morecambe Bay Wildlife

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Oyster in Morecambe Bay
Pacific Oyster in Morecambe Bay
Large Oyster Morecambe Bay
Mermaids Purse, Morecambe Bay
Razor Shell, Morecambe Bay
Mussel Shells, Morecambe Bay
Carragreen Seaweed
Cockles, Morecambe Bay
Common Periwinkle, Morecambe Bay
Wrack Seaweed
Starfish in Morecambe Bay

Living in Morecambe Bay are a plethora of shell fish.

Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas)

Found on rock pool beach in bare. Not native the the UK waters, this species of oyster was first recorded in the UK in 1926. They are farmed at several locations around our coast. Escapees have established populations in various locations.

They appear rough had have a variable, irregular shape often coloured from white and yellow or bluish grey, frequently with deep purple patches. At up to 1ft  / 30cm long and teardrop shaped they are a great find and best left in the bay for others to discover.


Morecambe Bay is famous for it's cockles - small, edible, saltwater clams. The 2004 disaster was linked to unlawfully hired chinese workers picking of cockles. Cockle picking is not better regulated for safety and marine stock preservation.


The common starfish feeds on mussels and barnacles and can be seen occasionally in the Bay. The one shown was found in Morecambe Boating Lake in Bare

Common periwinkle

Common periwinkle or winkle is small and has a dark and often banded shell. Used as a food source more frequently in African and Asian cuisines.

Mermaids Purse

The egg case of the Small Spotted Catshark (lesser spotted dogfish) found on beach in Bare.

Razor Shell

Found on bare beach the shell of bivalve with a fragile long rectangular shape.

Mussel Shells

Blue or common mussel shells are found on many beaches. Often just the shells are washed up but in rock-pools there may be live mussels - good for eating and excellent for crab fishing.

Wrack Seaweed

There are many wrack seaweed varieties. You'll see seaweed growing just below high tide levels on some breakwater rocks.

Carragreen Seaweed

Also know as carrageen, Irish and jelly moss used in food industry for thickening.

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