Morecambe Kite Festival

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 Morecambe Kite Festival
Kites in Morecambe bay
Kites in Morecambe Bay
Catch The Wind Crowds, Morecambe
Flown near Midland Hotel, Morecambe
Flying Kites on Morecambe beach
Kites and Crowds
Child Flying a Kite
Kites in Morecambe
Pensioner Flying a Kite
Fun Kite Designs

The FREE annual Catch The Wind Kite Festival is held all weekend long along Morecambe Promenade in mid July every year.

At low tide, along the expansive sand flats by The Midland Hotel you'll find an impressive range of huge professional display kites, colourfully soaring in the sky.

Fun for All

Anyone who wishes to fly their kite can do so too and there are many smaller beaches you can launch from.

Some of the local shops have basic kites to buy for just a few pounds and these are great to fly - simple and on long lines.

Festival Events

The Kite Festival is the main attraction, though you'll find a large number of supporting events such as at The Platform Stage where live music bands play throughout the day, and workshops taking place in marquees inside the Platform building.

Catch The Wind Kite Festival
Old Station Building
Central Promenade
Weekend Event


Family friendly
Children welcome
Suits pre-school
Suits primary
Suits secondary
Near car park
Local park and ride

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