Promenade - South

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Promenade Jetty
Kites and Crowds at Sandylands
Kite Flying Sandylands Beach
Climbing and Balancing Walls
Sitting and Cycling
Inset Bay Facts
Wheelchairs using Promenade
Breakwater Jetty
Beach Near Heysham
Beach Near Heysham
End of Prom Sign

From Sandylands near the Midland Hotel south towards Heysham are some of the most tranquil and interesting sections of the Promenade.

  • Extensive Sandylands sandy beach
  • Extensive sandy beaches at Sunnyslopes
  • Bowling (Superbowl)
  • Climbing and Balancing Walls
  • Wide Promenade
  • Parking area
  • A Field of Horses
  • Sandy Beach
  • Pebble Beach
  • Commander Memorial
  • The Battery Play and Water Spouts
  • Promenade Breeze Cafe


Sea View
Friendly and accommodating
Single person friendly
Family friendly
Children welcome
Suits pre-school
Suits primary
Suits secondary
Free parking
Street parking
Local park and ride
Tern Project
Lancaster Council

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