Steampunk Festival, Morecambe

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Steampunks at Eric Morecambe Statue
Steampunks at Eric Morecambe Statue
Steampunk Coffee Machine -Beanpedaling
Steampunk Family with Steampunk Campervan
Classic Steampunk Dress with Midland Hotel in Background
Steampunk Original 1889
Steampunk Hat and Goggles in Morecambe Platform
Steampunk Joyfulness on Morecambe Promenade
Steampunk Style Miniature Hat in Winter Gardens Morecambe
Steampunk Stall - For The Retro-Futuristic Essentials
Fabulous Steampunk Outfits and Accessories

The Steampunk Morecambe Festival is an extravaganza of madness and mayhem, in the best possible taste"

Morecambe, where amongst great costumes you'll find steampunk themed stalls, cafe(s) and live music.

This is fabulous, family friendly fun and great to see youngsters participating in the event. You don't have to be dressed up for the day events.

There are also supporting attractions, including a miniature steam train for rides along the Prom, a Penny Farthing experience, leather-working, birds of prey, children's Victorian fairground and an activity tent. 

WOW! What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a fashion style - very cool outfits, fun approach and a penchant for the crazy.

OK Tell me more

Think: Victorian era's fashion inspiration - romantic view of science, cogs, wheels, eye ware and reminiscence of a post-apocalyptic era.

Think: countesses, harlots, vampires, corsets, goth, burlesque, hooped skirts, leather, metal, beads, embroidery.

Think: valiant explorers, gentlemen and soldiers, lords, top hats, helmets, bowlers, pith helmets, brass goggles and bandanas, mechanical limbs.

Think: alternative history, fantasy tales, 19th century nostalgia, Victorian fashion trends.

Think: clothing, hairstyle, body modification, jewelry and make-up.

See the website, Facebook and twitter.

*Photographs are from Morecambe Steampunk Festival 2017.

31st May-2nd June


Sea View
Friendly and accommodating
Single person friendly
Bar snacks
Family friendly
Children welcome
Suits primary
Suits secondary
On site parking
Disabled spaces
Off-site parking
Near car park
Street parking
All areas accessible
Guide dogs permitted
Ramp or level access
Toilets for disabled people
Superb event with the flamboyant dressing up flamboyantly and parading (Promenading). Lovely friendly fun atmosphere suitable for kids and big kids.

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