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Stone Jetty
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Stone Jetty Morecambe
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Step out into the Bay for fabulous views inland and around the coast.

The Stone Jetty was rebuilt and extended in the mid-1990s as part of the coastal defense work the Jetty was resurfaced and a public art TERN project helped to develop attractive seating, lamp standards and railings.

It is the most outstanding place to witness the Bay's stunningly beautiful sunsets and a great spot from which to observe the teeming bird life of the Bay.

The 250m Jetty now forms a part of the coastal defense work, but it was originally constructed as a rail hub. The cafe used to be an early rail station and a steamer service then operated to Peel on the Isle of Man and to the north of Ireland. At the Jetty end is a lighthouse from that time.

Prior to the Jetty there existed from 1850 a wooden pier with railway close to the location. From the pier goods could be loaded and unloaded.

At the seaward end the Jetty stands 10 metres above the sand and is 40m wide. Rock armour protects the western jetty walls and in 1988 received reinforcements.

Jetty Art

The art features sometimes include practical seating: 

  • Maze - at the start of the Jetty, a bird shape in granite to navigate
  • Magpie Hopscotch - Hop and jump or simply sit on one of the stone eggs
  • Tongue Twisters feature and the bases of the Jetty's lighting columns
  • South American bird - whimsical, mythical in white 
  • The Food Chain - Cleverly linking birds to their major food source with bronze, cast feet. A word searcher has over 70 bird names to find
  • Compass -  stainless steel in granite. Inset geese denote the direction of a common flight path

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Stone Jetty


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